Staying in a New Place

Staying in a New Place

I am in Hyderabad from 2003, June. I keep on going home now and again and again come back to this place. I have not been in my home in Nepal for quite a sometime. But this not what I am going to write today. I am writing about my stay in Hyderabad. From 2003 to 2008, May; I was in hostel in NALSAR University of Law. There, first time, I entered the room; I was given a big room with attached bathroom along with two Kenyan Friends, Clifford and Muteti. The stay was quiet and peaceful on the second floor of boys hostel – II. After some days, two Bhutanese students came to University, karma and Tenzin and they were allotted again a big room on third floor. They said why do not you come and stay with us. Third Floor Room was nicer, I thought, than second floor one and I shifted to third Floor. The big room was a nice one. The rooms were not well ventilated but if we keep open windows and doors, then, an amazing breeze would flow inside. It was a hub for our friends as even in summer, our room was cooler and they used to come and talk. And, there I spent my rest of the first year.

In our second year, my friends bought computer, desktop and we felt three of us did not have enough space in that room. Again, there was a problem that the room started leaking and some water used to come inside when it rained. Frankly speaking, the water leaking was a not a problem but we presented it as a huge problem and complained to warden.

Now, there were three people who wanted alternative option but there were not big rooms to accommodate three of us. There were smaller rooms, and one room could be less than enough only for two people. Then, I presented a roadmap to our Warden, I am not so proud of taking his name but Prof. Vijender Kumar. The plan was that two Bhutanese friends should be given a room and in any case, one student should stay alone and that should be done to me as I was only a Nepalese student in My class. And the plan was approved. Then, we all came to Second floor in 2004. Our rooms were just next to each other, I think 203 and 204 in that Boys Hostel II. I got a single room as generally as per rule, only those students, 3rd year onwards, would be given a single room. That second year, 2004 June to 2005 June, was spent in that Hostel. Now, we reached in third year and as per rule, all students were allotted a single room. Half of the students in Boys Hostel – II, and rest in Senior Boys Hostel – I. As I came little late from Home, all the rooms in Boys Hostel –II were occupied by my classmates and there was room available in Senior Boys Hostel – I. They say it was as per CGPA by that time and higher CGPA people had to move to Senior Boys Hostel – I, as I was informed but I never verified and sure of this fact. Then, I shifted to that Senior Boys Hostel – I and room was on right side of hostel when we enter on the first floor, near bathroom. It was a good room with nice view outside where I could see green trees, lawns and IPR and Environmental Law Center. On my both sides of rooms, there were my seniors. In fact, on right was the bathroom and next to it, was my senior called baba. I think his full name is Anand Gautam and on left, I forgot who was but I think Mohak was there or may be Abhisekh. I think Abhisekh (I am not so sure of his name), but in my life, what I saw was his room was the dirtiest room. There were inches of dust everywhere but sometimes, I had to enter there once or twice to get some help and for moot court tips as he was supposed to be very good. I really forgot his name but he was a very good person despite having dirty room. 🙂

I think next year, when we reached in 4th year, my classmate and good friend Saurav Das, shifted to this room. When we reached 4th year, and that was from 2006 June to 2007 June, we, all the fourth year students had to come to Senior Boys Hostel – I and my classmate shifted. Now, the rooms occupied by Baba went to Alok, and there was Manish Agarwal in that row and then, Vibhu I guess. And on the row where I had my room were Saurav, if my memory does not fail, and then Anirudh and Gantavya. I stayed there for another six months and as the room was in first floor, I felt the room to be little hotter and decided to shift to ground floor on left block when we enter. The room was a third or fourth one when we entered and just near where wi fi gadgets were placed. In that row were very many great friends like Clifford and there was Pratap, Tenzin and Naik and AP, and Deepayan, Fateh. Saurav had shifted some days back there. (I think I made some mistakes here; Now, I remember Saurav was not in that room which I mentioned earlier – there was Babu, Mrigank and popularly known as AG – Attorney General of India J) Sad, memories are so short !!!. On that ground floor, on right block, there were another lots, Shashank Chaudhary, Manu and Karma and Adarsh, and there was samar jha. We used to gather in Shashank’s room, or in Adarsha’s room or in manu’s room to study and watch Movies. Shashank had connected TV card by that time and we could watch TV also. This was when I was in 4th year. When I was in 5th year, there came First year juniors in the room on my right. On left, there was still Pratap with whom I hardly interacted and next was Cliff and Tenzin. Tenzin had a biggest computer screen by that time and had sometimes, nice time watching great movies. I stayed in that room till I passed when we had to move in 2008 May out of University after completion of course. We all gonna miss that place.

When we entered University, we had two hostels for boys and two for girls and when we were about to leave, there were already 4 for boys and another four for u know whom!

(Especially, the Indian visitors who visited this blog are requested to visit again after 10-15 years from now as the people whose name have been mentioned above are gonna make Headlines in all your major paper everyday as they are gonna rule this country)

N Story is not yet over mere dost……………….will be continued


2 thoughts on “Staying in a New Place

  1. I likes, Chamatkaari Baba!!! Awesome, u just reminded me of that awesome pure breeze that belonged to NALSAR. 🙂

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