Talking something simple things

We go to office to work. That is simple as we all do. But what is interesting in human life  sometimes is you will go to office but do not do anything as you do not feel like doing anything. Sometimes, you go to office so early in the morning and try to do everything as either, but in rare cases, you enjoy doing something, or most of the times, deadlines matter you and your boss or superior tells you to do that within given time.

About me, working is boring. It’s so boring that sometimes, I wish to throw them on someone’s head and run away from office far somewhere where there is no work, no deadlines, no corporate responsibility, where there will be no boss and even mobile signals will be nil so that clients will not disturb me unnecessarily. I have heard that in Nepal’s mobile tower is bad, I mean there is poor network or connection but in Nepali people say, “Tower Gayo”, literally means Tower left/walked away. May be these places and corners and hills of Nepal are made for me where ‘Tower walks away’ because of poor infrastructure.

Today, I am talking about very simple things. What I work is most of the times indirect tax implications on infrastructure projects. Like, Government wants to make National Highway or some roads. Let us say that government gives that contract to some company A and company A can sub-contract that contract to three other companies. That’s how work is done in India and there arises various tax implications like excise, may be customs if things are brought from outside India, state level VAT and Central Sales Tax and Entry tax and such others. Here, I need to remind myself that I am not going to talk about complex tax issues but very plain issue of infrastructure in our society. We have poor countries, and we are residing and citizen of developing countries. I do not know why we are poor. May be we were poor and still, we are poor. People say Infrastructure plays a big role to develop any areas. If they, who claim to be expert, say, then, this must be true.

Now, talking about infrastructure, we need a lot of them. We need Road as we do not have them. We need two lane road, four lane road, six lane road, eight lane road, and only one way express highway depending on the place. We need culverts and Bridges on these roads. We need Electricity on these roads, and streetlights in city areas, then, we need telephone, mobile phones where tower does not walk away. We need clean drinking water, and we need schools, colleges, Hospitals, Public recreational centers like park, and Road safety mechanism. The list for the time should stop here. It is not that long, is it? But when can our governments fulfill these small lists. Can poor people of poor country get these 8-10 things first before they hear making five star hotel in Moon?

I think it is simple to give these things, isn’t it? But, then, why government can not give these small things to us, poor people. Let’s work on simple things first before venturing into nonsense hi-fi stuffs.

I rest my case for the day.


5 thoughts on “Talking something simple things

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  2. भन्छिन मेरी काली अचेल मलाई
    म अरकै भाकोछु रे l

    माया गरि बोलाउदा पनि
    रिसाउने भाकोछु रे l

    जुन टिप्छु भन्थे पहिले
    अचेल सिन्को भाचदीन रे l

    उन का कुनै कुरा पनि
    सुन्ननै मान्दिन रे l

  3. कोलाहलकै माहोलमा
    जिउने आदत परिसक्यो
    भ्रमका खेताला बाट जोगिन
    दिउसै पिउने आदत परिसक्यो

    खोर्सा कल्पनाका आगनमा
    यो शरिर उहिले जलीसक्यो
    मैले सगालेका सपनाहरु
    मेरै मस्तिस्कमा मरिसक्यो

  4. छड्के नजर लगाएर श्राप दिदै थुक्नु किन?
    बियोगिलाई प्रिय भनि बाटो सधैं ढुक्नु किन?

    अब म शायद टाडा भए तिम्रो इच्छा पुग्यो
    आफ्नै हुँदा मलाई बाटो छली लुक्नु किन?

    सागर भन्दा गहिरो माया कहिले नि नसुक्ने थियो
    तिम्रो जाल पर्‍यो क्या हो नत्र मिलन चुक्नु किन?

    अन्तै मोडमा खुशी जीवन सुख सयल सङ्गै बाँच
    तिमी ममताको प्रेम सागर सुक्नु किन?

    पश्चाताप मा रुन्छौ अरे, जे भयो नरोउ अब
    झम्काभेटमा लज्जित भैइ शिर झुक्नु किन?

    ‘निसा शाह’

  5. अमृत नै रोप्दा पनि अमृत फल फलेन हजुर
    ढाल्यौं बाहिरी तानाशाहा आफू भित्रकै ढलेन हजुर ।

    समानताका कुराहरु डिनर लञ्जसँगै खायौं
    गोलीको घाउमा डण्डा बस्र्यो हाम्रो पानी चलेन हजुर ।

    टुटे पहाड भनिएका झुके देउता बन्नेहरु
    बरफ बन्छु भन्छ आगो यथास्थिति गलेन हजुर ।

    चियाउँदै छन् दुलैबाट आधा जलेका साँपहरु
    हाम्रा सपना जल्नथाले बेथिति यो जलेन हजुर ।

    कहाँ सक्छन् भोकै बस्न बरु बिक्छन् ठूलाघरे
    बरु काटिए हाम्रा हात कसैको पाउ मलेन हजुर ।

    भावना पोख भावना पोखरेल

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