Law pleads, “My lord”

The law, the dead law

suddenly woke up in the night

asking its existence and threatening us

how long its hands are ! 4

I laughed first, she followed me

and our room got filled with a laughter

someone said from the crowd

you have no life now! 8

Forget about your hands

You have no life at all

you are an old law

rescinded by king’s edict before king was thrown out! 12

That old king, you remember him?

He curtailed your power, he mutilated you

he took your life and before he could restore that to you

We kicked his ass! 16

Then, law protested for a while

but then, started pleading before us

Tell me you advocate!

That was unconstitutional ! 20

He shouted loudly

King has no power to do that

I approach the Apex Court under ‘Writ’

We laughed Again! 24

What is the situation of common man

when law itself has to plead for its existence

what will be our fate in this lawless state

when the victimized  law is a ‘Constitution’28

Even, technically law can not file a writ

as king is no more state

from the day we kicked his butt

he is an ordinary citizen like you and me, is what they say ! 32

In this lawless state, yes he is now an ordinary citizen

He is an ordinary citizen in this lawless state created by himself

For us, King is dead and law is slaughtered

only the ghosts of laws plead for justice ! 36

In my lawless tiny state

Let’s sleep silently friends

If not, the ghost of lawless law haunts us again

maintain silence to save your life! 40

When you maintain silence, at least it seems you are mourning

for that dead constitutional law and for the dead constitution

and that ghost will not wake up again

In my dreams, law pleads “My Lord……………..”! 44


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