Uncivilised Maoists Forces

Strikes are no Solutions

Maoists should understand this. We, Nepalese people, have seen enough. We saw them, we heard them many times before and we know what their worth is. But, unfortunately, they do not understand their worth. The kinds of sympathy on Nepalese people have turned till now to hatred. Nepalese people have already realized that Maoists are unreliable and in many occasions, unpredictable and undemocratic forces in Nepal.

In April first week, when I was in Kathmandu, my sister was saying that Prachanda can speak anything in one day and next day, he changes his stance and says that I have never spoken that. He blames journalist for misquoting him. When I hear him sometimes in Television and Radio, I get frustrated for not being able to understand him what is his plan, his political parties plan. They, all communists, use only very many difficult words, verbose and a lot of complex words to confuse people.

I was chatting with one blogger from Kathmandu some days back, who is also doing some business. He was telling me that he has closed shop for some days as Maoists are asking for some ‘Chanda’ – donation and contribution whatever we call. Maoists are threatening people if people cannot give or refuse to give money. These extortionary measures are taking Maoists down but in the meantime, Nepalese people are suffering.

Now, what are the options left for Maos? I do not see many. I do not think that bragging a lot will help them in a long run. People have lost their faith on Maos. In fact, Maos have betrayed people. What they did when they were in power? They talked a lot; they confused people, showed many hopes and did nothing. They are basically waste products, and too slow to catch up the time.

They are starting their strike from today is what I hear. But for what? But for whom? Is not it their greediness for attachment to power? People fear from their hooliganism, and they close their shops and shuts down the market. Maos think they won and bring the society back with their each activity. This is what democracy they stand for? The more they do this kind of activity, the more they are being exposed before people. I am sure people have realized by now these people who call themselves as Maoists are not the forces on which we can trust. These are not the people who want development and peace in Nepal. People should break their shackle and come out on streets to chase these goons away. If we still fear from them, these hooligans are going to ransack whatever things are in good shape. Guys, time to move on make them realize that strikes are no solutions in CIVILISED NATIONS AND BEFORE CIVILISED PEOPLE.



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