Reading something???

R U reading something? I am asking this question so that you can share something here in my blog. Like, I am reading two old books. One is Novel by John Grisham – The Associate. I am about to finish them. There are only 50-70 pages left. I think I can finish it tonight. Story is interesting in this Novel. It is about trapping a young lawyer and trying to steal secret information from a law firm in New York through this Associate. How is the ending? I do not know. After I finish reading it tonight, I will be doing a complete review of it from my perspectives though I am sure that many people have already written on it despite it not being any master piece and just a pulp fiction.

Another book I will be reading from today is about and written by Jawaharlal Neharu, Independent India’s First PM. It’s something about freedom in India – independence from British Colony way back in 1947 AD and Nehru’s take on freedom struggle and Independence. More will be here, once I complete reading them.

Have you recently read something? How did you find? Let us know.


3 thoughts on “Reading something???

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  2. I am somehow little different…….. Frankly speaking I am reading information about blue tooth hacking on Google…..and its quite interesting…….!!!

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