How to send money to Nepal from India?

The blog post below was written as a response/comment to this blog:

As a comment itself is like a post and I feel is worthy of reading as a post. I have provided some links also in the bottom to know the ways to remit money in Nepal from India.
I have a strong deploring words for services and people of Punjab National Bank (‘PNB’) in India and those – services and people – of Everest Bank Limited (‘EBL’) in Nepal, I will comment about them in some of my posts later in future. For the time being, you may read about how to send money from India to Nepal. Till the time, I posted this blog, the blogger in World Bank has not moderated and published my comment, but I hope that he does approve.

Here it goes about how to send money to Nepal from India:

Since I am a Nepali National and sending money regularly to Nepal from India, I would like to point out some of the issues here. The first is not many bank employees know that they can send money to Nepal. In south India, some of them are completely unaware of anything about Nepal and do not get surprised if they say to do a net banking, which is funny as net banking is allowed only between domestic banks.


Most of the time, they may tell you to get the contact number of their forex/expat or foreign currency remittance department and contact there, and if you contact them, they will flatly answer you that you cannot send money to Nepal. Then, what is the way out?


This time I went to an ICICI Bank Branch in India in Hyderabad. I met Bank Manager who was not at all aware of any money transfer facility to Nepal. He ringed up two three places including his head office in Bombay and received response that they cannot transfer money to Nepal. He answered me a straight no. But, it’s great that at least he tried to find out and did his best as it was a private Bank.


If you are in a same situation before Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) Bank or Nationalized Government Bank, or a bank which says that it is an undertaking of Government of India, it may likely happen that you will be ignored, or just get answer No and no further help barring few exceptions in some bank branch because of some cooperating employees.


Most of the Bank Employees including Bank Branch Head, who is called Manager, will not be aware of anything what the blogger has discussed in his page. It’s because there is not much transactions happening or India is too large to care about Poor Nepalese, or ignorance is just bliss! So that they can take little nap post lunch rather than processing few thousands rupees of poor Nepalese fellow!


Still, if you try there is a way if there is a will. The blog aptly describes the first method on which I will not be dwelling much. Rest of the two methods that I have employed will be discussed below:


1. I am not sure if this process still works or not but I have reason to believe that The State Bank of India (‘SBI’) still has this process in Place. First of all, go to any big branch (only big branch dear!) of SBI in your city like in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh India, you can go to Koti/Abids Branch of SBI. There will be foreign remittance department. Deposit there INR 10,000/- or less amount than that and service fee of 50/INR way back in 2006-07. They will issue a cheque drawn in favour of the recipient’s name and addressed to SBI Bank Nepal Limited (which is a Joint Venture of State Bank of India in Nepal. I forgot the details as I had done this transaction way back in 2006-07 but I believe it was not account payee that means the recipient need not have any account with SBI Bank Nepal Limited. Sender can send that cheque through courier (will be risky if it is not account payee) or through some person, or if you are going to Nepal but do not want to carry cash then, carry with yourself. Present the cheque in any branch of SBI Bank Nepal Limited (this is also little doubtful as I forgot if there was any specific bank branch was written or not) and show your identity proof as a recipient (in case it is not account payee) and collect cash. If the cheque is account payee, deposit in the recipient’s account and withdraw money in Nepal by drawing cheque. The service charge is already paid in India. So, the recipient will get full amount of INR 10,000 which is equivalent to NR 16,000. The exchange rate was fixed before I was born and still is the same. Caveat: I forgot most of the details and exact way but I am sure that you get a general idea from above post. For more contact biggest branch of SBI in your city. Needless to say here that do not go to small branch, they have no damn clue about this, believe me!


2. Second way and which is the best way, and sorry for making you wait about best way but patience pays guys!


In India, there are many PSU and one of them is Punjab National Bank (PNB) which has a joint venture (JV) in Nepal called Everest Bank Limited (EBL). EBL has a current account with PNB New Delhi and the Account Number is 2254002100011923. You can deposit your money in Indian Currency from any PNB Branch in India (Yes, any! small branch, large branch does not matter but it is likely that they may not be aware with this. Just you have to do is to do give enough respect to bank employees, and explain them in polite words, make them aware of this facility) and direct EBL from there itself to credit this amount to your relatives or whoever recipient’s account maintained in EBL Nepal any branch. So, the recipient of money in Nepal should have bank account with EBL in Nepal or you must provide someone’s bank account in EBL in Nepal whom you can trust as money will be first credited to bank account and only then, the recipient will get/withdraw money. PNB itself has customized software that all the details will be entered at the time you deposit money in PNB Branch. So, there is no different direction required from your side to EBL. For example, if you have to send 20000 INR to Nepal, you deposit the amount in Account No. 2254002100011923 and then, say, your dad’s account in Nepal is 01100111100111, New Baneshwor Branch, Kathmandu, Nepal and Account Holder’s Name is Mr. ABC XYZ (Some fictitious account number or may be of someone’s also by coincidence, do not try to remit to this number, you may lose the money), then, instruct from the branch where you deposit amount that the money should be credited to your dad’s account number in Nepal. The Bank employees feed data/instructions and the money should reach there within 4-5 days maximum.


Note of Caution:


1. I have done transactions through PNB and EBL route three times, twice the amount was around 600USD and I could send without any hassle. The money reached the destination within few days. The last time, on my third transaction, since the money was big amount (how big! I will not tell you), it took almost 12 days to reach the amount to Nepal. I was little horrified this time but nevertheless, money reached safely. About service fee, I am not aware as I had instructed the bank to deduct from deposit itself as I did not have any extra amount in my pocket. So, they deducted some fees and remitted the amount to my destination.


2. About the limit, how much you can send, I am not sure/no idea but from my practical experience, I can safely say that USD 10.000 is within the allowed limit.


3. Most Importantly, before you remit amount, consult with the bank in Nepal as well as in India and make sure that you write the bank account numbers correctly in deposit slip and get verified from bank employees that they have correctly filled in their software from where they feed data. In case, you lose your money because of one or multiple reasons, I SHALL bear no responsibility nor I will be there to express my sympathy! Please verify the account details from PNB in Delhi and EBL in Nepal.


Happy Remittance!

Thanking You

Rajib Dahal”

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48 thoughts on “How to send money to Nepal from India?

  1. I Sonia Singh having problem with PNB Net Banking, When I try to transfer money from my saving PNB to SBI bank through net banking , most of the times it gets reverted back to my PNB account. This has happened to me more than 5 times. They also deduct 5 rupees for each transaction even if the money is not transferred to the SBI bank account. I have contacted to the PNB customer care at, my branch manager, and even submit complaint at Consumer Court but they don’t reply at all, I know the problem is with PNB side only because if I try to transfer money from another bank to SBI it gets transferred properly.
    Sometimes its really urgent and the money gets reverted back and I have to pay 5 Rs. for each transaction even if it is not successful. If any one have any idea or faced such issue in past or facing such issue please contact me at

  2. Dear Sonia, U can contact PNB Customer Care 24 Hours Call Center at ‘01242340000’ and explain all your problems with account number. I hope they will be able to help you. For my problem, they tried their best to help me and response was good.

  3. Dear Money to India, I appreciate if you check the services of Western Union. For the benefit of all readers, Indian FEMA/Forex Rules do not allow sending of money outside India from India through any of money transfer agents like Western Union Money Transfer, IME, or any such kinds of money transfer agents. They can only bring/receive money in India which has been sent from outside India.

  4. Do you have any idea how can a Nepali open Bank account in India? Most people say it is Legally possible but the bank employess in india as you said are clueless about anything that concerns about Nepalese.

  5. Dear Tajim, it should be very easy. Only thing they need is your address proof in India and your identity card along with a person’s endorsement who is already maintaining a bank account with that branch of the bank.

    It depends on what people do? and where he stays? If he stays in a rented flat, take a lease agreement on 100 Rs. Indian stamp paper with signature from house owner. To arrange a stamp Paper with all the complete details, it should not cost more than INR 200. He should also carry electricity bill of the house owner where the name reflected is same as on the lease agreement.

    If he is staying in Hostel or accommodation provided by government authority or his employees or in University/College Hostel, a letter on office letter head with your complete address as per the record should be suffice. When I opened Bank Account in SBI, I had even submitted a xerox of my Nepalese Passport.

    Please explain them now and again that you want to open a simple savings Account in Indian Currency and not NRI or foreign currency accounts. I hope it helps. It was not difficult for me to open four different accounts here. Let me know if any further information on this is required.

    • That’s preety good to hear, i knew it would be possible this way but whenever i went to any bank in India and said i need to open bank account and whenever my Nepali Citizenship came in talk, they Flat Out Declined to Open the account.

      70% of asked me to submit photocopy of my “VISA” to India.
      10% Feared because i was a Nepali “Muslim” — guess the link here
      10% Just didn’t wanted to talk with me when i told them about my Nepali connection.

      For Rest 10% i still have hope, maybe someday i will be able to do it.

      I will try once again and see what happens..

      Thanks for the reply.

  6. I tried to post this comment in your blog but it was slow here. So, In reply to your last comment:

    I hope you should be able to do it if you try. May be Private Banks are more receptive than PSU. Just try in different banks. I have 3 Accounts in PSU and in two, I myself, was present to open the account. Since I have one account in private bank in capacity of job holder, it was very easy.

    But, in my opinion, south is better in helping than north. I do not know where you stay though funny questions like visa productions or sometimes to the extent of if Nepal is a separate country or another State of India are not uncommon here. and believe me they are genuine doubts and not posed to irritate me.

    All the best and Hope you can.

    Meanwhile, nice blog. I visited you after a long time. n Do not forget me to visit at

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  8. hi baba,
    I ve a question wat if i don ve any a/c in pnb and as well my parents don ve a/c in ebl nepal!!!!!so is tat possible to trnsfer money to nepal?????
    pls do reply>>> 🙂


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  10. Hi. Just to inform you all that United Bank of India (A Govt of India Undertaking) and Global Bank Limited, Nepal have launched a special Indo-Nepal Remittance service for the benefit of Nepalese citizens working in India. One can approach the designated branches of UBI for the remittance. The beneficiary in Nepal can get money in Nepalese Rupees through branches of Global Bank Limited or International Money Express (IME) outlets. The best part is that the money can be claimed within 2 hours of the remittance from India.

    For further details, you may contact Mr Atit Pandey, Remittance Head-India, Global Bank Limited at “” (Mob.: +91-8583802944

  11. A very simple way is that, you have to open an account in PNB india and sent your ATM to your parrents to withdraw money in India, charges is INR 50 for IRS 10000 daily. It is so simple and safe.
    Other way is that make an DD from PND for EBL and send DD through courrier or any medium to Nepal.

    • An EBL debit cardholder could draw cash from PNB ATMs in India with withdrawal charge of NPR 160/- per transaction and charge of NPR 24/- per balance inquiry. The maximum limit of withdrawal per transaction is NPR 16,000/- and per day limit is NPR 16,000/-. (In India), whereas monthly limit is NPR 160,000.00

      Similarly, a PNB debit cardholder could draw cash from EBL ATMs in Nepal with withdrawal charge of INR 50/- per transaction and charge of INR 15/- per balance inquiry.

  12. First of all this is good thing sharing the knowledge, thats how the world should go around.
    secondly there is another way no hassle way.
    if you have SBI account and atm, let it use in the SBN atm, thats the most easies way. No need to explain to any employee not run around.
    Just put the money in your accout and whoever want to recieved hold the atm over there.

    Thirdly I want to quote your words:
    ” Poor Nepalese, or ignorance is just bliss! So that they can take little nap post lunch rather than processing few thousands rupees of poor Nepalese fellow!”

    This is totally absurd. Any Govt or PSU bank employee does not care about wheather you are nepali or mongolian or Indian itself. Be practical, if an indain says/do something, that racial, if the same thing is done by western countery that not racial(because abroad. For god sake don`t be radical).

  13. Transferring money to Nepal from PNB route is the best way so far. One of the major advantage is direct credit to your account. No need to have a bank account in PNB to get this facility. I used this facility some days back and got the money transferred in just 3 days….the maximum transferable amount is 50000 IRS at a time.

  14. The Best : if you maintain a saving bank a/c in any State bank group bank in India, you can withdraw money in Nepal thro ATM of SBI-Nepal without any charges having a maximum withdrawal limit of Rs.40,000.00INr

  15. I have sand money from pnb to everst bank phokara to my mom account but now 12 days was gone but she dosen’t found money.then when i asked in pnb and thay told money was what can I do plz plz..

  16. Me too faced a lot of problem for the remittance, I was living in Bhopal and wanted to send money in my EBL A/c at Kathmandu in 2006, even PNB Banker were not aware with such remittance in Bhopal, I my self guide them, than they contacted Delhi and I had remitted the money safely. PNB of India to EBL Nepal is safe way of remit the money , no need to worry just follow up from both the side……

  17. Thanks for the information here. There is another method via SBI bank which involves almost the same procedure as Punjab National Bank. Only in this case you can transfer from any bank with NEFT facility.
    Go to any bank with NEFT facility and fill the NEFT form as follows:
    Bank Name: SBI Bank
    IFSC code: SBIN0004430
    Beneficiary A/C NO:2399 4680 44302

    Beneficiary details: here you fill your Nepal address or bank details. You dont need an a/c in Nepal as Prabhu Money transfer will deliver to your home. If you have bank account, SBI Nepal will deposit the money directly. If you have account in SBI Nepal (any branch) transfer takes 2 business days. If other bank accounts, it will take 3 business days. Charges are less than 100INR. Limitation is 12 transfer per year and maximum 6 lakhs only.
    I hope this is helpful to someone.

  18. hi ma ahile delhi ma chhu. malai Nepal money transfer garna chha tarra ma sanga kunai pani bank ko account cchaina na ta Nepal ma chha. soo maile kasari money transfer garu.plz rply me I need ur help

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  20. My dad has account in Everest Bank Limited in Nepal. Now I am working in Pune. Every month i go to Punjab National Bank , Pune camp branch to send money to Nepal. Now they have developed new form to send money to Nepal called ” Indo Nepal Remittance ” form. we have to fill up that form . It is very fast system them earlier. Amount will be credited in Everest Bank in same day. I have many friends who have account other then Everest Bank like Malika bank, Navjeev bank nepal. They are also sending money from PNB Pune camp. Some times some clerical happens .. like name mistake, account number wrong.. in this time we can contact to Sri Ram Raja Upreti . He is from Everest Bank Limited. His office is in Delhi. he is very helpful man and kind also. Once time i called him in the evening like 9 pm. He was having dinner. He guide me, suggest me without shouting. I felt good. his cell number is +919871264092. I suggest to all Nepalese worker who is working in India , Pls go to the Punjab National Bank with one ID to send money to Nepal.

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  26. Sir I am a student of engineering .Unfortunately I have to transfer some money from hyderabad to everest or anyone bank of Nepal so can u tell me any way reach the safly money there plz.

  27. I like your all suggestion but as i have taken hosting in india and as i am in Nepal. is there any way that you are aware where i can make payment to e-banking gateway of india. I used to do it from my SBI ebanking when i was in india but not as i am not using it from 6 month so it has been deactivated and i need suggestion. Can you please make me aware

  28. Dear Mr. Bhattarai, I am not aware of any way how you can make the payment. I hope by now, you have found out the way to make this payment. Why do not you come back to our blog and share how you did it? What I can think of is to take help from your friends in India.


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