What I have done or not yet!

There is a wave going in Nepalese blog world to tell the world what the individual blogger has done or has never done in his life. The trend was first started by Tajim http://blog.tajim.com.np/ (it seems as Wagle http://wagle.com.np/ and Aakar http://www.aakarpost.com/ also say in their posts), and now followed by many including me. You can read other bloggers’ take on the topic in their respective blogs in given links.

As I see Tajim’s blog today, I can see that he had very simple things in mind and his post was written with not much fanfare but it seems that we other bloggers while emulating him have tried to give some more color to the topic. All credit should go to Tajim for this innovative idea, (to me, it was really innovative) and was very nice to read other people’s views about their ‘nevers’ and etc. Now, I am joining the bandwagon here.

Before I start cribbing something on the point, let me borrow some words from a blog which I visited for the first time today. I saw through my facebook page that there is a fellow blogger maintaining blog at http://sadhanasharma.blogspot.com/ and I have borrowed her words to start my blog with.

“I am while browsing the blogs of my co-bloggers, I read this post published by Aakar today. I also found that not only Aakar but also Tajim (Actually, it was Tajim’s witty idea of confession), Anbika http://anbika.com/i-have-never/ and Dinesh Wagle (the same wagle whom I have referred above) have posted this type of confessions in their respective blogs.

All these posts inspired me to have something like that with my descriptions. My heartily thanks goes to Tajim, Aakar, Anbika and Dinesh Wagle, for inspiring me to write this (and to Sadhana Sharma, says Chamatkaribaba). As everyone else, I am also borrowing the titles from Tajim’s post”

Above in Quote has been borrowed from: http://sadhanasharma.blogspot.com/2010/08/i-have.html

Now, below starts my story:

  1. 1. Seen an Ocean

Yes, I have seen the Ocean, or you can call them seas. I am in India from 2003 and first time saw sea/ocean in 2005 November in Kerala, Kochin City. The sea beach was not great. I had very little time to visit as I had gone to Kerala to participate in one Moot Court Competition by representing my University. Thereafter, in 2005 December-January, 2006, I went to ICCR Tour and could visit Marina Beach in Chennai, and some other Beach in Tamilnadu Chennai, and then in Pondicherry (two beaches – one sandy and one rocky in main town), and then in Kanyakumari meetings of Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Dirty Bay of Bengal, as we were told. I think in the same year 2006, when we had gone to Tirupati Balaji Temple in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh; I, along with my friends Kul Chandra and Ashok Kahar decided to go to Chennai, Tamilnadu and took four hours long train journey from Tirupati to Chennai and went again to Marina Beach.

In my original post, I had forgotten this incident that In 2008 October, when I was at Tie-School in Bombay (some kind of internal training for new joinees in the company), I saw Arabic Ocean again from Gateway of India just standing in front of Taj which was attacked after a month!

From 2006, I could go to beach again only in 2009 November when I went to Goa with my friends from Pune, Bombay, Bangalore and I from Hyderabad. There I visited Calangute, Vagator, Anjuna and Baga Beaches (all north beach). Again, in 2010 March, When I went to Goa, I visited many beaches from both North and South. In north, again, Anjuna, Baga, Vagator, Candolim, and Calangute and in South Colva, Agonda and Palolem. Thereafter I got a chance to visit Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh in July, 2010, where I could see R.K (Radha Krishna) Beach and Rishi Konda (I am not so sure about this Name) Beach. And, recently in first week of August, I went to Jagganath Puri Temple in Orissa, and went Puri and Konark Beaches golden beach Private beach of my resort, and Chandra Bhaga Beach. All were nice but I found Orissa beaches less interesting. So, to conclude, I have seen Ocean/Seas – Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Black watered Bay of Bengal.

Every time, I go to beach; I feel so good. I feel so great seeing the calm beach and the tides over there. Walking on the beach in the morning or in the evening is immensely satisfying to me.

  1. 2. Been to a swimming pool

I have been to swimming pool. Yea, many times but never gone inside it. No, Never. I do not know how to swim. So, wherever I go where there is Swimming Pool, mostly in Hotels and Resorts. I just go near it, see the blue water (because of blue painting of bottom of pool), and feel good and come back. So, I have gone to swimming pool but never taken a dip into water.

  1. 3. Flown Overseas

Yes, I should say. I first took plane journey in 2003 when I had to come to India. I still remember that day. I took Indian Airlines from Kathmandu to New Delhi and then from New Delhi to Hyderabad by Jet Airways. There was a two hours gap in between these two flights in Delhi and I utilised this time by going from International Airport to Domestic Airport. After that, I have travelled New Delhi – Kathmandu route two three times as I rarely go to Kathmandu. To go home, my most preferred destination is New Delhi – Bagdogra. When I have to talk of flying overseas (by overseas! I understand foreign country), I have travelled from Delhi to capital City of another country last year in 2009 July, which for the time being is a secret and will disclose when time comes. So, to conclude, foreign trip by air is YES!

  1. 4. Traveled on the roof of a moving bus

Yes, Of Course many times. I remember Wagle’s words on this. He has said something similar that if you are in Nepal, how you have not travelled on the open roof of the bus? So far as I remember, I have travelled on open roof of bus many many times and started travelling from way back in 1990-91 when I was only 6-7 years old. What to do when Nepal was not and is not so developed and transportation is not still so easy in many places. When I had to go to my paternal grandfather’s home in Topagachhi, Jhapa from my home town Damak, I had to travel many times on open roof of bus.

Among those travels, I remember a recent one- recent only that I did 2 years back in 2008, May. I completed my University education and was going home from Hyderabad via New Delhi. Just finished student’s life and did not have job and no money, so decided to take bus from Delhi to Kathmandu but get down in Narayanghat/Narayangadh in Nepal and take bus from there to Kakarvitta, Jhapa. I got a ticket from Delhi and as planned and reached Narayanghat but was a very hectic journey. Then, there I knew that there was a strike going on in Eastern Nepal for the past 7 -10 days. The strike was not political. Something happened that one guy was knocked down by a vehicle and his relatives asked for 25 lakhs or something compensation, which the vehicle owner refused and the relatives and villagers of deceased started protesting and did not allow any transportation. When I reached there at 5 PM in the evening, I realized that. There were many people waiting for the buses which go to east amid unconfirmed reports that the strikes has been called off. Finally, it was confirmed news that strike has been called off and buses started appearing at 11 PM in the night. All buses were full and crowded and refused to stop and finally, a bus that stopped which was going to the place called ‘Kanchanpur’ that was 200kms far from my house and that was a far distance. Still, I took that bus along with many people and I got a seat on the open roof. It started raining in the night and I had to cover myself by some plastics in that night. J Sounds so cool! Huh! Though the bus was supposed to go till ‘Kanchanpur’, next day, it could crawl till ‘Lahan’ only some 100kms from ‘Kanchanpur’. Again, 11 AM next day, I caught another bus and again got seat only on the rooftop and reached my hometown at 5PM in Damak. Now, U say me can we live in Nepal without travelling like this?

  1. 5. Never Jumped out of a plane or a bridge (Bungee **Scary**)

I have never done this. I love to do bungee though I am scared, I know. I think I can gather all my courage and do bungee jumping. When I was in Goa, I wanted to do some water sports, which they are popularly called there. But, it was expensive the one where you have parachute kind of thing on your back and you will be up in the air and you will be tied with a boat by a long rope and you move in the direction of boat. It was of short duration and was expensive. I am looking to do for some para gliding but lack of training, even basic and not so suitable opportunities till date.

Regarding jumping out of a plane, I wish I never have to do, and have never done before.

  1. 6. Never touched Snow – the real one, not that which is made in a fridge.

This one thing I have not done yet. Had never seen natural snow, and touched it. Wish I can do it soon.

  1. 7. Seen a 3D Movie

Never. Not yet. I do not know what threeD movie is. I presume movie with special effects where they give you special spectacles. Is it? I am not sure. I do not even know which movie is 3D and which is not. When I was in Kathmandu this time in June, my brother was telling me that there is 4D Hall/Theatre being constructed and technology is so developed in Nepal. I did not understand but just said ohhhh….  J

  1. 8. Seen an Imax Movie

What is IMAX movie? Is it movie in IMAX theatre? Or are there special IMAX movies? I have seen movies in India’s good theatres like IMAX, Inox, PVR, Big Cinemas, and Cinemax etc etc. But, if there is something called Imax Movie, then, I may not have. U decide, please.

  1. 9. Been on a roller coaster

Last year, in 2009 July, I was with my friend. She and I did small roller coaster ride. She was naturally afraid of that. That was a very small one mainly intended for kids. N then, I saw another, a big and long roller coaster. I wished she and I had done that but she was scared and I did not go alone. This second one was amazing a long one and from top of hills to down, and frankly speaking looked little scary to me as well. J

  1. 10. Never Smoked

Unfortunately, I have smoked. I have smoked regular cigarettes, local bidis and sometimes cigarettes filled with ganja/hashish/marijuana, or whatever you call it those local stuffs you get in village. BUT, But, I qualify to be non-smoker. To my record, I had last smoked may be 20-24 months back. Or maybe 3 years back. I have never bought any of those things for me. It’s only when I get free of cost J and if my fellow friends are smoking……….just for a style. Just to try one ‘puff’ or ‘two’….and I know and suggest that Smoking is bad for health. Just stay away!

  1. 11. Never gone Serious Trekking

Never. Never got any such opportunity. If you can call it a trekking, when I went to visit Dalhousie in Himachal Pradesh, something like 15-20 Kms we walked in forests and hills for half day, if that qualifies to be trekking but I think I have not seriously trekked anywhere.

  1. 12. Never visited a dentist

Not for me. But, I visited Positive Dental Hospital with my flat mate Laxman Kumar for his check up few months back.

  1. 13. Been to a Gym

Yes. First time in 2001 or 2002 in Kathmandu, somewhere near Purano Baneshwor. There is another funny story how I joined there but this post is already so long that I will write that some other day in some other post. Later, I joined one gym in Hyderabad 2003-2005, and from 2003-05, I was going to my University’s gym also on ‘on and off basis’. Later, I got a small lump of muscle on my right hand, which I still have sometimes (sometimes, it appears and disappears) , and as per Doctor’s advice, stopped lifting anything heavy.

  1. 14. Seen a Lion or Tiger

I have seen something in JawalaKhel Zoo. I am not sure it was lion or tiger. And then, I think, I am not so sure that I saw something in Jawaharlal Neharu Zoological Park in Hyderabad in 2003 when I had visited that at that time. I think, again not sure, in 2007 May, when I was in Nainital Tour, I saw something- either lion or tiger. So, whatever was/is there is JawalaKhel Zoo that I have seen for sure.

  1. 15. gone to any serious forest/jungle

Yes, I have been too. In childhood, we used to collect wooden stuffs from Chuli Jungle in eastern Nepal, Ilam (Mahabharata range/ Chure Bhawar Chhetra) as wood was the source of fuel for cooking. Later, I stayed with my maternal grandparents in the place called Puhatubari, Chandragadhi, Jhapa and the home was just a kilometer far from deep Charali Forests. I used to go to jungle for wood, grass for animals, picnics, and as a cowherd with many many cows in the morning and used to come back in the evening with them. I miss that time when my friend Sibu Bogati and I used to chase many many monkeys—small to big, baby to parents and we loved chasing those groups of 100 to 200 monkeys. Those monkeys never attacked back and we were never afraid.

Now, if I see one monkey, I am not that confident of saving myself from it than before J

  1. 16. Applied for US Diversity VISA

Yes, many times, may be 3-4 times previously. Last year, I did not apply. I was just lazy and was in Goa when it was the last day and one of my friends, Kul Chandra kept on constantly calling me, reminding me and saying me that I should fill. But, from this year, I have promised to myself that I will fill DV form each year from this year onwards till the time I do not get any kind of Visa to US or Nepal disqualifies after sending more than 50,000 people, whichever happens earlier.

  1. 17. Gone more than 6 months in any serious day job

Yes. The work I am doing now is my first job in life. I am working in the same organization for the past more than 2 years, from June 9, 2008.

  1. 18. Never seen any Himesh Reshammiya Movie (this one for Bollywood Fans)

I have never done this. I have heard his songs. Some of them are nice and were hits at that time. I know he has acted in some movies but I have not watched and will not watch unless someone gives me CD or movie. If I get from source, I may watch it.

  1. 19. Never been to any underground concerts

Underground concerts?? Never heard. I have only heard something on open ground, or on stadium or on big auditorium. I have attended two concerts in my life- one by Indian Ocean’s concert in my university in 2004-05; another was Rock Yatra by 1974 AD in Dasarath Stadium in 2001-02. N I loved that concert of 2001-02. I can say I grew up watching that concert. Another concert was there in my University in 2006-07 by JAL BAND from Pakistan. I did not attend it but went to friend’s place in Hyderabad City. I, now, wish I should have attended that.

  1. 20. Been to a discotheque

Twice or thrice, I have been to such places. Once in Kathmandu, and rest in India. These places never entice me. And I really do not understand why people go there, why I went there. I do not think I ever go again to these kinds of places………frankly speaking, waste of money J

  1. 21. Never been to top floor of any high rise building

High Rise? How many floor building? 6-7? I went to one hotel/restaurant located at 25th floor but it was not top of that building and view outside looked nice from windows. J

I have been to top of only those buildings which have 6-7 floors.

  1. 22. Met a Chinese

As a passerby, may be many. But, I had one Chinese friend in India called John. He is my facebook friend now. He was very interesting and his speaking way was funny like all Chinese!

  1. 23. Seen an actual theater play

Never. This is something I want to see.

  1. 24. Drank Beer

Yes. Sometimes. In office parties. Not only beer, I have tasted other stuffs also, different brand and varieties. But, I find lassie (Indian sweet curd), Tea and Lemon Water or Sarbat or anything non-alcoholic much much better than these alcoholic products. To borrow another blogger’s words, “I cannot imagine why people like to drink such bitter thing”

  1. 25. Been on TV Camera

In 2001-02, there was a competition by UNICEF to write about how to make world better place for youth. I also wrote something and participated in that competition and was shortlisted among 5 finalists. If I had become first, I would go to New York with PM Sher Bahadur Deuba at that time to participate in some UN Conference and to tell about youth’s problems. But, I became second is what Sushma (who hosted “Sathi Sanga Manka Kura” Programme at that time) told to my brother Rewati through telephone when I was not in home. They had taken short two minutes interviews of us – 5 finalists and shown by Nepal Television after “AAth bajeko Samachar” which I could not see myself as I did not have TV at that time in my room in Kathmandu. But, many of my friends and relatives watched it and remembered the incident. I could never watch. In my University, when I was in Hyderabad, local TV Channels came sometimes and interviewed us – foreign students regarding how, and why we came to India. They did shooting and must have telecasted in their local ‘Telugu’ language but I never saw. So, at least faced camera twice or thrice but have never seen my acting! J

  1. 26. Never had a Boyfriend

Yes, I never had boyfriend. If you talk of girlfriend, Yes, I have a one! J Who is she?? Is something I can hear around now.

  1. 27. Never been admitted in a hospital.

Thanx God!


11 thoughts on “What I have done or not yet!

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  2. Great Post !
    I have read almost all of them and have been trekking them.
    Its becoming Better and Better .
    You elaborated very well and also your writing terminology is very good.
    Best Wishes !

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  4. We can’t really elaborate on things that we haven’t done, right? I like the idea of it, and as i always liked my friend rajiv way of expressing things his experiences added a flavor to it.
    And i myself with the fear of writing should start something just to boost my confidence.
    Nice to meet you all.
    Thanks rajib

  5. Dear Ashish,
    I think you should also write it. Man, you should restart your writing habits. It was great to read you man in earlier occasions. Please write a post, say that I inspired you…………hehehhe……..quote my link here n there, and leave your link here in this page. i will the first one to read you!

  6. reminded me of our trip to Tirupati Balaji and Chennai, great days when we used to roam around like free birds….

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