What I have not done yet-II

Yesterday, when I was writing on this topic, the post was going long and long. There were so many things to tell. I just could not write on the topic. So, I am, today, adding some of the things on some of I have done or not yet series. The first part of the post can be read here: https://talkingforum.wordpress.com/2010/08/26/what-i-have-done-or-not-yet/

Read my first post above https://talkingforum.wordpress.com/2010/08/26/what-i-have-done-or-not-yet/ if you want to know the background of this blogpost.

  1. Owned a camera. (Not even analog once): I own a camera now. I do not know much of technical about camera like lens and zoom. It is canon one and with 10 Mega pixel is all I can say about it. And it is digital camera, I guess. I mean I do not know much difference about Digital and Analog stuffs.  When I was student, I had a camera where I had to load reel/negative/silver photo materials (I do not know how to say) and that I bought around 2004 end. That camera just got damaged without clicking many photos. That camera was bought something for INR 1000 at that time and last time, it worked was in 2005 December-2006, January ICCR Tour. In the middle of the tour, when we were in Pondicherry’s rocky beach, it stopped working. I thought that I repair but never got time and never shown any enthusiasm. In 2008 May, when I had to leave my university hostel, I hanged that camera on a branch of a small plant that was outside my room. It still looked a new one and was hanging in a black case. The camera was black then. And now, it is silver colour with silver case.

When I think of Camera, I, and many friends from Hyderabad including me, must thank Sweta and Sajiva for their kind heart for allowing us to use their cameras. In early 2008-09, Sweta had, I am sure She still has, a very sophisticated Sony camera and Sajiva too had a good one. Till 2009 February, when I bought my first digital camera, we all friends in Hyderabad clicked numerous photos from Sweta’s and Sajiva’s cameras.

  1. Climbed on any high speed elevator:

I do not remember. May be I have not. But high speed? Which speed is high speed? Just normal lifts, and elevator, and those moving stairs etc. are only something that I have used.

  1. Had a buffet lunch/dinner.

Yes. I have had. I love them. I find them cheaper and easy to eat. No need to worry about what to choose from menu, and what to eat  and bill may come too much. Office lunches and dinner in office parties are more frequent and then of course, have eaten in weekend especial lunches. I think this is too much on a simple topic. J

  1. Used Linux.

Yes. I have used. I used Linux in my University’s Internet Center. It did not have dual operating and had completely Linux. It was difficult in initial few days but soon, we got used to it and many liked it. I think Firefox Mozilla has some connection with Linux? Am I right? Just wanted to say that Mozilla is wonderful browser alongwith its many add-on features.

  1. Owned any Smartphone.

What is that? I have no idea about smart phone. Is it something like iPhone or Blackberry? I am not so fortunate yet to possess these hi-fi gadgets.

I have my Nokia Phone. I am not aware of its model. Has a small useless camera. It says two mega pixel on its back side, a radio/fm facility which does not work after 2008 December (did not work after 5 months of purchase, but never went to repair that fm/radio thingee), can play music but headphone does not work after radio stopped working. Thanx god! I can receive and send sms and can receive and make calls till date. So, I still carry that. I must thank Ashok and his HSBC Credit card as he extended interest free loan facility to me to buy this mobile when I had just joined my job. For the clean record, I did not default on payment of loan back and paid within next six months converting it to an EMI facility with HSBC Bank.

This is my fourth phone in my life after I bought my first mobile in 2003. For the story of rest of the phone, Someday, somewhere in some later posts.

  1. Been on a plane in Nepal

I have never taken domestic plane within Nepal. I have travelled out of Nepal to India, within India and, outside from India.

  1. Been to any Nepali Airport

Sometimes in 1993-1997, I have been to Bhadrapur Airport in Jhapa many many times to see plane. There used to come RNAC (at that time, now, I believe it is called Nepal Airlines Corporation ‘NAC’ after ditching ‘Royal’ but Indian Airport especially like Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi still displays Royal Nepal Airlines on its Departure/Arrival Display Board), Necon Air and we all used to gather near the airport office to see plane landing and taking off. There used to come something like 2-3 planes everyday and when I was in class 7 and 8, my school was 1 km away from airport and sometimes, when we used to hear plane coming sound big huwwwwwwaaaaaaahhhhhh like sound, we could run and reach there to see landed plane but still moving on the ground. After 20-30 minutes, it used to take off. Since the airport was near CDO’s office, DEO’s Office and MALPOT (Land Revenue Office), there used to be sizeable number of people gathered who have come from outside District Headquarters. They came for some other work but went back home with satisfying smile after seeing plane on the ground, as they used to have seen plane only flying in sky.

In India as a part of my journey, I have been to Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Visakhapatnam and Goa, Delhi’s domestic and international airports and in Bagdogra, Siliguri in West Bengal. Soon, I will be in Guhati Airport in my transit, about that later in some posts in details. I have been to another International Airport (Not in Nepal and India, and about that later when I will be able to tell openly where I went)

About Nepalese Airport, I must comment about Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) which I have crossed when I went to Nepal and came from Nepal. I was really shocked and sad to see the shape and status of that place. I have not seen many great airports but after looking 3-4 airports of India, I realised how bad impression TIA can give to the tourists. I felt pity on myself and those many tourists who fortunately travel to our country. TIA tells enough how poor Nepal is! SAD BUT TRUE.

Regarding Airports, I have visited Indira Gandhi International and Domestic Airports in New Delhi many times to receive my friends and to see them off. In fact, I feel I am thoroughly aware of things that are there in that airport and I like their free Internet Kiosks maintained by Airtel when I do not have laptop to access their wireless internet connection.

  1. Had an ICQ Account: What is this? I do not know. That means I do not have. I did not bother to Google as this second post also is going on and on.
  1. Neither used IRC: Not any more comments on this. Same comment as above.

For both the points in H & I, I think Aakarpost or someone else has written that he does not have hotmail or msn or something like that. So, I gathered that ICQ and IRC are something like email service providers or something to do with internet. It is possible that I might be horribly wrong.

  1. Had a credit card.

Yes. I have Credit Cards. Quite a few by now.

The first credit card I got was in 2008, must be somewhere by November, after I joined job in 2008 June. That Card of HSBC I applied through my office. And Second Card I received in 2010 when I applied myself through telesales agents.

The story of Debit/ATM Card is interesting. The first Card I received somewhere in 2006 from Indian Bank. The Card is going to expire in 2010 December and I maintain still some balance with Indian Bank. I need to withdraw that small amount of money from Indian Bank before the card expires. But, I will never close that Bank Account as it is my first bank account in India. J

Our University was located 30 Kms from main city. The Bank used to come to University on even working days as the Bank’s nearest branch office was in City. Initially, we deposited our money when bank came to University on the day of admission in 2003. We were given passbook but no cheques. When we wanted to withdraw money, we had to use slips available there in the one room crowded bank counter. These slips used to be carried by these bank employees. If we needed money on the day bank did not come to University, we had to travel to City and withdraw money by using slips available in the Bank Counter. So, when we received DEBIT CUM ATM CARD for the first time in 2006, our life became much easier. We could go to any ATMs in the city and withdraw money by paying small fee. By now, the number of ATM Cards also grew rather unnecessarily, sometimes making difficult to remember all the PIN Numbers.

  1. Celebrated my Birthday

No. I think I have never celebrated my birthday. I do not remember this but I do not like this concept of celebrating birthday. It is a waste of money, isn’t it?

In office, in month end, there will be celebration of birthday of all employees whose birthday falls within that month. I spent my two birthday month in my office life but was unavailable in the celebration day, may be was out because of some clients’ works.

  1. Received gift ever from anyone ( someone send me  )

I have received gifts from people but very rarely. You can send me.


3 thoughts on “What I have not done yet-II

  1. Rajib remember the phone you had once. I think around 2005, the black one, I think it was tata’s phone. Wow i cant still forget that phone. It was a time killer for me which is what i really wanted to do in those days. It used to send us jokes for free upon request. Wont lie you i may have read 1000 jokes from that service.

  2. Hey, Saurabh. Nice to read your comments. Yes, I had Tata’s CDMA phone. That was my second phone after having a short stint with Nokia Phone. I remember that I bought my Nokia Phone shortly after you bought your blue one!

    But, Since the tariff was so much, I could not maintain that Phone for a long time, 🙂 and gave to my brother in Kathmandu. After Sometime, I bought that black CDMA Phone. That was a small one and was very irritating. But, had to enjoy with that.

    In my University TATA had a very bad connection and one day, when I was angry not being able to listen to conversation properly, I threw that phone back on my bed from my Chair but the throw was forceful and hit the Wall and got broke.

    I did not make any effort to repair it. Later, Ashok and I did operation of that phone in our legendary Chikkadpally Branch. We broke that phone into pieces and threw and after some months, I bought another TATA’s CDMA phone with some offers. That phone I had till last year even after I bought my Nokia Phone, but it became old and died last year. So, I have only Nokia Phone now, and slowly old age problems are creeping on it. That’s all Saurabh…. I hope that you enjoyed the free jokes…But, I do not remember that now.
    Hope you are doing great.

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