Blogging back in the old domain

From some days, I was planning to write few blog pages and then, I got time today. I have just finished reading two books and I want to do review of them. But before that, about little information about my blogging and plan.

Mostly, I write in English. In English not because I am exceptionally good at that language but I find it comfortable to type. I have very poor skills in Nepali typing. But I like Nepali Gazals/Ghazals/Ghajals/Nepali Poem or Kabita and want to  type them in Nepali to make them meaninful.

Therefore, from few days, I was thinking that I would maintain two separate blogs – One for my usual writings in English in this page and another for my Nepali Gazals/Ghazals/Ghajals/Nepali Poem or Kabita and anything that may like to write in Nepali sometimes.

I had shifted to this page thinking that I would be able to type everything from a page but this new page does not seem to be supporting my Nepali text. There is some problem that I can not figure out and after doing some conference with my friends who are supposed to be technically good, I am not yet able to solve the problem. Therefore, going forward, my articles in Nepali will be published in this page and those in English would be published here.

What I said above was the plan till morning but later, when I thought to start the blogging, I realized that my this page is down because of exceeded bandwidth. Since restoration of page is going to take some days, for the time being for few days, I will be blogging from here.

There is a long history how I started my blogging and in the past, I have blogged here and there. Those all pages are still very dear to me. Though I have completely stopped blogging in those pages but in case you wish to visit and read my old posts, you can visit here and here .

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One thought on “Blogging back in the old domain

  1. Sorry for the huge review, but I’m really loving the new Zune, and hope this, as well as the excellent reviews some other people have written, will help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

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