To my dear Kali

Kali, U remember?

I met you in Chennai way back in 2005

U remember the night – the last night of that year

what only didn’t we do?

we laughed, we joked, we thought

The world is small and can not keep us apart

we were simply naive and immature

You thought what I thought and

we both were wrong!


Hey baby, I am just joking

we were right

we are far but always together in our feelings

we are in different time zone but still

everything clicks together between us

U miss me there, and I remember you here

You think of sending sms and I start typing one here

You finish typing sms and then, you receive mine

you smile there and I here, after few seconds

Isn’t that lovely? Isn’t that great?

Don’t you think we are madly in love? You think, don’t you?


But, you also think and so do I,

you think what i think and

we think

how long this can go?

Don’t we need to settle?


The same what I was thinking

We will baby one day!

You ask me one day?

I say soon, this year

from a far distance

you look into my eyes and you say, “I trust you”

I imagine us being together and

and I softly say, “I love you honey” “I love you so much”

N my roommate kicks on my butt

N I hear “oiee gadha sapna pani k k dekhna thalis?” (Oh! you dumb ass! what kinds of dreams you started seeing these days?”

There is a pain on my ass

but, I remian calm and say to myself

If only he knew my kali!


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