Baburam Mahatmya – the greatness of BRB

Baburam Mahatmya – the greatness of BRB

When I will write a post asking for sacking of BRB Government, People will definitely start asking about the constitutionality of the views. Being a lawyer, it is difficult sometimes, to argue on the political line alone without regard to legal aspects. I will give my views on constitutionality and legality in some other posts.

Let me today concentrate on the need of the hour, i.e. sacking of corrupt BRB Government.

Let us start with a long story in short. BRB is short name for Baburam Bhattarai, who puts prefixes of Dr. before him in honour of leftists. J Apparently, he did some kind of PhD from JNU, the hotbed of leftists in India. BRB, in short in English, (and BARABHA in short in Nepali) was never second in anything. He was so brilliant throughout the history of Nepal that he never became second. His brilliance has surpassed all limits and in terms of brilliance, only Mr. Jha (I forgot his name, Upendra, Dipendra or something who is a journalist in his own words) and Manjushree Thapa are close competitors of BRB. J

Anyway, let us not vilify others today except BRB. BRB deserves a complete post dedicated to him!

Talking about BRB’s legacy of being first, he was Nepal first in SLC exam which he appeared from Gorkha School and similar to common Nepali’s story that he was poor but bright and was bright but poor. He rose himself against all odds that a poor Nepali faces in this country.

To talk about his identity, BRB satisfied all criteria of being oppressor, suppressor and demon in Brahminical Hindu Society. He was a hill based, high caste, and privileged (as compared to other castes of course! Howsoever poor he might be at those times) person but he should be the only or rather ‘first’ person who never ‘actually’ suppressed anyone unlike Dixit, and Khanal, and Oli in this country. From all angle, BRB is no less than a God! Almighty!

In this country high caste people like Koirala, Khanal, Paudel, and Dixit have occupied high posts and have become even Prime Minister of this country merely because they have wielded their power but BRB is the only or rather ‘first’ person who has occupied his post purely based on his ‘Merit’. So, he is incomparable to other former Prime Ministers of Nepal.


Now, coming to his present legacy, BRB became PM in Nepal sometime ago (a year ago from August, 2012). Nepalese thought that the true savior has arrived and considered BRB to be their Messiah. BRB is the most educated PM of Nepal ever it had if we do not fail to consider his Dr. Prefix before his name. Nepalese People thought that BRB will do only the good things to the country and all Nepalis become rich within few years. Nepalese thought that all development activities in this country will be in a faster pace than the pace of killings by Maoist in those 13 years in the name of People’s War. As usual, the short sighted Nepalis, We, failed to see the blood on his hand and on the hand of entire Maoists who have come at this stage by killing thousands of poor and innocent people. The Maoists are the criminals and ordinarily should have been prosecuted for committing crimes against humanity. But, they have become the player in Nepal’s political landscape.


The BRB’s true Maoist legacy has started after he became Prime Minister of Nepal. He has started weakening the pillars of democracy, has obstructed the promulgation of Constitution, dissolved the Constituent Assembly cum Parliament and is in a spree to capture Nepal to turn it to a dictatorial regime. The BRB has fallen so low that it is ready to join hands with any criminal, corrupt bunch of thugs who have floated different political parties. Yesterday, Maoists told lies to people saying that they are fighting against old regime with new ideology but today, it has joined hands with the same old thugs to rob country. It shows that killing of 13000 innocent people by Maoists was just a ploy to come to regime and spread their brutality to silence people.


To continue its control over state’s mechanisms, BRB, instead of taking responsibility for failure to issue Constitution, is ruling this country illegally and illegimately. There is news that this corrupt and illegitimate government is going to issue 40 ordinances to continue its loot. It is time that Nepalese people should rise once again to dethrone these mugs. Recently, I read News that BRB is displaying his idiocracy by issuing directives aka ‘Nirdeshan’ to reduce the load shedding/power cut time in Nepal. Does he understand why there is power cut in Nepal? If his direction can help to reduce power cut time, it is time for BRB to visit Electricity Generation Center in Kulekhani and in other places and issue directions to Turbines and Transformers to generate more electricity! J

Let us destroy this idiot’s regime! We have nothing to lose but the shackles of corrupt regime! The regime of Dr. First BRB!


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