Reviewing a boring book- can you?

I think reviewing books is one of the most tedious jobs in this Earth. Imagine the hardships of reading books quickly and within the short time frame, and compulsion to write review before the books become obsolete and unheard.

The book reviewers who do this job for Newspapers and Magazines will go through great difficulty, I guess, as it has to be reviewed quickly within few days of publications or when it is fresh and hogging the limelight.

There are thousands of books which get published each day. They will be published by all sorts of heard and unheard publishers and writers. In this age of media and glamour, the books published by some prominent and influential members of society from prominent and influential members of publications get more priority than ordinary ones. There will be more pressure on book reviewers to read and comment on those books more quickly than those published from ordinary ones!

Depending on the business and honesty of magazines and book reviewers, books get very good, or good or bad reviews. Sometimes, in addition to the merits and the demerits of books, other additional factors impact the reviews – most probably, the political affinity of authors and publishers, or economic advantage and dependency of publishers and reviewers etc.

The reviews and endorsements are well known in the realm of social media as well. This is an age of endorsements. We are used to this culture of endorsements from Orkut Days – getting testimonials/good reviews, of course, from our friends and writing and praising about them on their Orkut Wall. The similar facility is there in LinkedIn – Professional Social Network where you recommend someone on the basis of his/her works or on the basis of other factors which are best known to you.

Imagine the pain a reviewer goes through when he has to review the most boring or dull or books that does not make any sense – in other words the books written by Manjushree Thapa or the books of that standard. Sadly, the reviewer has to review it as it is his job and next day’s blog or Magazine demands that but who will understand his/her pains?

On the top of being boring, if the book has hundreds of pages!! I can feel their pain.

I am not sure if some reviewers scan the few pages from start, some pages from middle of the books and some from the last few pages and write review. It might be. Some may even read earlier reviews published in other magazines and foreign papers if the book is an international one and make their reviews based on multiple previously published reviews rather than on the basis of reading books. It all depends on honesty of reviewers!

In the past, I started writing reviews of books those I read. I did that for few books but I could not continue that. I hope I will start it again.

However, What I tried to do honestly was to post review only after I complete the books. It was fun but again, if you have to read low quality books, only the reader knows the pain that he goes through.

I am opening this topic today as we are approaching near to our Great Nepali Festival, the national festival of Nepal, Dashain 2069 and I saw in my Calender that the first day of Dashain, the Ghatasthapana, is on 16th October, 2012 (30 Asoj 2012). Many people have habits of reading during the long vacations and Nepalis do get a long vacation on the occasion of Dashain.

I suggest you please do read a good book and publish your review. If you like the book and publish your review, do let me know through comments in this blog.

Do read, do enjoy and do discard the low quality books! N do not forget to publish the review in your blog.