About ME

This is a small effort from my side in this Web-world to make myself visible. I have just started a process and I hope that it will gather momentum in the coming days. About me, there is nothing much I can write. A very very ambitious Law student, I hail from Eatern Nepal, Jhapa and now studying in Hyderabad, India. It is a forum where I try to initiate some conversation on various issues and I hope that I will get assistance and corrections, if any, at every juncture.

If you feel like reaching me, you can mail me at dahalrajib40@homail.com or at rajib.dahal@yahoo.co.in


18 thoughts on “About ME

  1. hi, i stumbled upon your blog as I am looking for talking forum. But the discussion forum is in a language I can;t read. Perhaps you can add a translator (you can get from google) very easily and add to your widget sidebar.

  2. hi…
    myself shalini studying in india bt a nepali national like you.
    well was surfing when i came across your blog.its nice and encouraging.i wanted to pursue masters in india.can you please guide me?

  3. hi,

    how are you sir…..sorry

    ok now you might think why i am saying sorry…actually i didn’t read all story about your college life…its little big for me…don’t mind

    are you a Lawyer now ya still student….its LL.B life story ya LL.M…

    and most important thing may i know your name please.

  4. I really feel good that your are from Jhapa and trying to explore something new in your subject specially.We are proud taking challenges to be good man at first and then good lawyer as well.Do your business properly.We all Nepalese people are with you.

  5. It’s hard to express myself to you…being the abroad layman worker i might not comment nice nice about your blog and even i can not gide you through this internet world. as your recent reader just can give you well-wishes for your upcomming stuffs and hope me as well we like it and appreciate again and again….
    In last…happy vijaya dasami to you.

  6. Saathi, When I get chance to move mouse in internet,I become so excited to serch about you and your articles to read and at the same time,I feel good and proud as well that your are one of my best frns in School days in Chandragadhi,Jhapa. Do your job best and we all arealways with you ,

  7. Hi, I m Gobardhan singh . Im running my bissiness in pokhara Nepal. Since I educated in India from my childhood. I m verymuch inspired with this Gajal.

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